YOUTUBE of a Bend Ski Club ski-together. (Credits to Mark Darnell, BSC Photographer)

YOUTUBE of a Bend Ski Club ski trip to Breckenridge Colorado--January 2017. (Credits to Mark Darnell)

INTERMEDIATE SKI MEETUP   Wednesday, December 18th, 9:30 AM, Pine Marten Lift

CONNECTIONS SKI PROGRAM  (Separate from events)

In addition to our popular Ski-Together groups, we've set up a system whereby Club Members who wish, can provide their contact information and directly connect with other skiers of comparable self-evaluated ability.  No need to ski alone!

How it works:

The list of participating skiers will be sent to all sign-ups.  The list will be updated periodically.  Neither the Club Board of Directors nor the Ski-Together leaders have verified the self determined "Ski Ability" selection.  Each individual participating in this program is responsible for deciding the safety of skiing with other sign-ups.  All participants must be current dues-paying Club members and have signed the liability and responsibility form on their membership application, the releases and disclaimers of which apply to the CONNECTIONS SKI PROGRAM.


 BEGINNER: Primarily green runs; slow pace.

 EASY INTERMEDIATE: Easier blue runs; groomed only; slower pace.

 INTERMEDIATE: Most blue runs; possible easy black groomed; moderate pace.

 ADVANCED-INTERMEDIATE: All grommers; some black; some off-piste; quicker pace.

 ADVANCED: Most runs; off-piste including powder. bumps, crud, some trees; little waiting.

​ ADVANCED-PLUS: Anything goes, anywhere; aggressive pace.

Contact for sign-up and information:  David  at

UPCOMING  (Please sign up through​​

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ON-MOUNTAIN SKI EVENTS

BSC hosts a broad range of on-mountain ski events for all ski levels.  These events and others will be posted on the BSC Meetup site, as well as on the BSC website.  Contact PJ Johnson at, with comments/questions/suggestions for these events.  Always love the feedback and suggestions!


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